Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016 James Harrison Where Are You Going?

It's 2016 James Harrison Where Are You Going?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking at an upcoming draft and are fresh off the initial reaction to the 2016 schedule that has been released only to reveal the Steelers playing on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.  Three holidays are going to be work days for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  There is only one problem; the best linebacker the team has had for the past decade is considering retirement.  Immediately he tweeted that "retirement is looking pretty good" after seeing the schedule.  Who could blame him at 38 years of age and playing a high collision (forget impact) position, for considering the greener pastures of home life and retirement.  He has zero left to prove.  He has been Defensive MVP of the year.

His legacy began as a rookie when it was known all were afraid of James Harrison, even the biggest veterans on the team.  Affectionately called "Silverback" it is not even appropriate as a white writer to explain however suffice it to say no other being scares his fellow beings like a silverback.

I put together a video that just rocks, and I removed the rock music to have the announcers in it for the final version put up on YouTube.  It is a testament to the strongest part of his career, 2004 to 2010.    Perhaps you have seen this already.  It's always worth re-watching.

It would be nice to know now if the Steelers need to replace another linebacker in the draft.  It only makes sense to ask what his intentions are.  It's early and the time table was set forth as such: he conditions himself like no other man known to man and at 38, not only can he determine if he can do the job still, he has the luxury of no pressure to make a decision....   Correction, "had" the luxury....  Now it is entirely realistic to see what his focus and intention would be.

God Bless You, James Harrison; give us a heads up asap please.